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The 22nd UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exihibition

From 4th, Feb. 2020-6th, Feb. 2020

Booth No.: 1A12

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The Dubai international stomatology exhibition (AEEDC) is the second largest international stomatology exhibition in the world and the most influential professional dental stomatology exhibition in the Middle East.The exhibition has received strong support from the emirate, the ministry of finance, the dubai ministry of health and others.So his influence is greatest in the Middle East.The specialty of oral exhibition is also the highest.

During the exhibition, there will be many symposiums, seminars and communication sessions related to oral medicine and tooth care.It will help exhibitors to know more about the world's advanced technology exchange experience.The Dubai oral exhibition (AEEDC) allows the world's leading dental equipment and supplies manufacturers to showcase their latest products and is an important way for manufacturers and distributors to expand their market share in the gulf.

The Dubai oral exhibition (AEEDC) is the premier professional oral exhibition in the Middle East and north Africa.A large number of exhibitors harvest beer in abundance.Dealers can also find products that suit them.

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